A non-profit corporation, HEC-TV is the only video production company with the mission statement “to strengthen and promote the education, arts, and cultural communities.”


HEC-TV is St. Louis’ leading producer of education and arts television programming, using technology to connect and synergize in innovative, highly successful ways. HEC-TV provides an unparalleled level of service, changing the face of television by engaging viewers, empowering teachers, and encouraging students to achieve unparalleled success.



Kathy Bratkowski

John Baker
Associate Producer/Reenactment Director

Peter Foggy
Director of Photography

Thomas Finan, Ph. D., F.S.A
Program Advisor

Jayne Ballew
Editor/Media Manager

Boyd Pickup
Production Manager

Mike Doran


John Baker, Chris Cross, Ryan Fitzgerald, Peter Foggy, Tom Petrie: Bad Dog Pictures, Jayne Ballew, Jim Langley, Paul Naessens: Western Aerial Survey

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